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Riordan Clinic

Riordan Clinic specializes in alternative, holistic, integrative and orthomolecular approaches to health and wellness. The "Riordan Approach", pioneered by the founder Hugh Riordan M.D., focuses on treating the whole person by seeking to find the underlying cause of each persons health issue and developing a personalized plan to restore healthy functioning rather than just treat symptoms. Since their establishment in 1975, the Riordan Clinic has treated patients from all over the world in over 50 different countries.

Major Divisions:

Olive W. Garvey Center for Healing Arts - Integrative, Complementary & Orthomolecular Medicine
Riordan Clinic Research Institute - Nutritional & Biomedical Research
Riordan Clinic Laboratory - Testing & Diagnostic Services for Physicians & Hospitals
Riordan Clinic Education Institutse - Health Education & Awareness